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The OAuth2 login flow, seen commonly around the web in the form of “Connect with Facebook/Google/etc.” buttons, is a very common integration added to web applications, that can be a bit tricky and tedious to do right.

The league/oauth2-client package provides an easy base for integration with various OAuth 2.0 Providers around the web, without overburdening your application with the concerns of RFC 6749.


This package establishes a convenient base of interfaces and abstract classes that allow developers to easily create OAuth2 Clients to interface with a wide-variety of providers on the web. There are many clients that exist that you may use on the Third-Party Providers page.

This base package also includes a GenericProvider that can be used with any OAuth 2.0 Server that uses Bearer tokens.

If you would like to simply use that, you can install this package via composer.

$ composer require league/oauth2-client