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Official Provider Clients

You may use Composer to install any of these packages:

$ composer require league/<package-name>
Gateway Composer Package Maintainer
Facebook league/oauth2-facebook Sammy Kaye Powers
Github league/oauth2-github Steven Maguire
Google league/oauth2-google Woody Gilk
Instagram league/oauth2-instagram Steven Maguire
LinkedIn league/oauth2-linkedin Steven Maguire

Due to the vast (and ever-growing) number of OAuth 2.0 services that exist, it is impossible to maintain first-party support for every OAuth 2.0 provider without damaging our ability to make this package the best it can be. Therefore, we will only accept very high-quality provider clients into the league namespace on a case-by-case basis. We list criteria for acceptance on the provider client implementation guide.

There are a large number of community packages that integrate with other providers.